Officeworks Eba Agreement

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Officeworks EBA Agreement: What You Need to Know

Officeworks, the leading Australian retailer of office supplies and equipment, recently reached an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA) with its employees. The new agreement, which was approved by a significant majority of its workforce, sets out the terms and conditions of employment for the next four years. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at the Officeworks EBA Agreement and what it means for both employees and the company.

Overview of the Officeworks EBA Agreement

The Officeworks EBA Agreement covers a range of employment-related issues, including pay rates, hours of work, leave entitlements, and job security. The key highlights of the agreement are as follows:

Pay Rates: The EBA provides for annual pay increases of 2.25% per year over the next four years. This will apply to all employees, regardless of their role or level of seniority.

Hours of Work: The agreement aims to strike a balance between the needs of the business and the needs of employees. The standard hours of work for full-time employees will be 38 hours per week. However, employees will have the option to work additional hours, subject to certain conditions, including the payment of overtime rates.

Leave Entitlements: The Officeworks EBA Agreement provides for a range of leave entitlements, including annual leave, personal/carer`s leave, and parental leave. The agreement also includes provisions for compassionate leave, community service leave, and long service leave.

Job Security: The agreement includes a range of measures designed to provide job security for employees. This includes a commitment from Officeworks to offer permanent employment to casual employees who have worked regular and systematic hours for a period of 12 months.

Benefits of the Officeworks EBA Agreement

The Officeworks EBA Agreement is a win-win for both employees and the company. Here are some of the benefits of the agreement:

Improved Job Security: The agreement provides greater job security for employees, which is a significant benefit in the current economic climate.

Better Pay and Conditions: The agreement delivers annual pay increases and improved conditions of employment, which will help to attract and retain the best talent.

Greater Flexibility: The agreement allows for greater flexibility in work hours, which will help employees to balance their work and personal commitments.

Improved Productivity: The improved job security, pay, and conditions offered by the agreement are likely to lead to greater productivity and job satisfaction among employees.


The Officeworks EBA Agreement is a positive development for both employees and the company. The agreement provides improved job security, better pay and conditions, greater flexibility, and improved productivity. It demonstrates Officeworks` commitment to its employees and its desire to create a productive and harmonious workplace. Overall, the Officeworks EBA Agreement is a win-win for all involved.

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